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4 Things Yoga Teachers Should Stop Saying

4 Things Yoga Teachers Should Stop Saying The foundation that I have built my teacher training company on is the belief that the most effective yoga […]

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Asana According to Patanjali

Learn what qualifies a pose to be called an asana, and learn the process by which asana transforms lives on a non-physical level … according to […]

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After Yoga Alliance: A Future for Yoga Teacher Training Standards

Yoga Teacher Training Standards After Yoga Alliance

Yoga Teacher Training Standards After Yoga Alliance An Update to “How Yoga Alliance is Ruining Yoga” My intention in posting “How Yoga Alliance is Ruining Yoga” on January […]

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Beware the Guru

When you believe against yourself, in favor of the object of your devotion, as Havashim did, you’re likely already doomed. Yet, there is something about many […]

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New teachers Beth and Laura on Graduation Day

Yoga Teacher Training Journal Week 4 of 4

I did it, guys!!! I am officially a Registered Yoga Teacher! Friday was my final day in the 200-hour teacher training program at American Yoga School. […]

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TT Journal Week 3

Yoga Teacher Training Journal Week 3 of 4

This past week can be summed up as an emotional roller coaster, of sorts. We started out week 3 by teaching our first-ever yoga sequence. A […]

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The AYS Annex in Venice, California

Yoga Teacher Training Journal Week 2 of 4

Hey friends!! I cannot believe I am already into week 2 of yoga teacher training. (Here is the follow-up of Week 1, in case you missed […]

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Yoga Teacher Training Journal Week 1 of 4

This post is quite hard for me to write. I meant to do it yesterday, but when I sat down to write it, my thoughts were […]

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The Meaning of Om

When I started doing yoga, I loved most of what happened in the classes. One thing I did not love, though, was the chanting of “om.” […]

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Empty Yoga Mat

What I Learned Doing Yoga in Marc Jacobs Jeans

Like many repeated endeavors, yoga practice can take the body and mind to higher functionality and health, or toward pain and suffering. The mat is a […]

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Movement of the Shoulder Blades in Asana

You think you know your shoulder blades? Why not to pull the shoulders away from the ears when the arms are overhead. Especially in things like […]

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Sukhasana with Jnana Mudra

How Yoga Alliance Is Ruining Yoga

When I started practicing yoga, I never imagined that it would become as popular as it is now. I also never imagined that the majority of […]

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Your Yoga Resolution: 6 Tips for Starting a Yoga Practice

James Brown for The Huffington Post Congratulations on your yoga resolution: the wise choice to start or revive a yoga practice in 2013. You are not […]

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